Uber Rang 2017

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Uber Rang is an Inter MES institution talent competition and a forum for the students to showcase their talents.

This talent show is a fundraiser to promote the activities associated with Community Service Day conducted every year by the Pillai Group of Institutions. It never fails to deliver an amazing lineup of acts and performances by students from all the 48 institutions of the Mahatma Education Society! The brainchild of the young and dynamic Mr. Franav Pillai, Deputy CEO of Pillai Group of Institutions, Uber Rang made its debut in February 2012.

Every year, students from across the MES institutions work together to create a dazzling display of young talent. All profit generated at the UBER RANG festivities is used for the affiliated NGOs at the annual MES Community Service Day thus involving students towards helping the lesser fortunate section of the society and spreading the message of compassion and empathy.

This year Uber Rang was conducted on 21st February. The number of participants in the talent show keeps on increasing every year and this year a total of about 120 students took part. After two rounds of auditions of contestants from across the MES institutions, 21 entries were selected from a total of 200 entries to perform on the big day.

The show started with an introductory speech by Dr. Celina Joy who along with Ms. Yvette Lee was the coordinator of the event. She introduced the panel members. Keshia Braganza is a well renowned singer-song writer, recording artist and performer. Kaanchan Pagare is an experienced Marathi film actor who has performed in about 1000 shows of Marathi commercial drama. Vibhu Kashyap is a film maker / director and writer for the past 8 years, with a body of work that cuts across genres. Barbara L. Lanier is an attorney at law, Berkeley and has performed the leading role in numerous stage shows, musicals and operas. The audience consisted of cheering parents and friends and classmates of the performers and the principals and faculty from various MES Institutions.

As the show slowly graced into various performances the audience were captivated and mesmerized by the sheer talent of the participants. A lot of the performances were of classical, semi-classical and folk genre, reflecting how the younger generation has not forgotten their roots with many traditional dance forms and music making a graceful comeback.

However that does not mean that the participants did not explore the western genre. There were many breath-taking performances like beat boxing, Locking-Popping, hip-hop, Bollywood freestyle, etc. The last act of the day ended on a patriotic note with every member of the audience standing in ovation and cheering for the dance group.

The Winners of Uber Rang 2017 were :

School Category (Std. 8th - Std. 12th)
1st Prize SoloMSAS Junior CollegeSemi-classical
2nd Prize SoloMahatma International SchoolBeat-boxing
1st Prize GroupMahatma International SchoolMidget Dance
2nd Prize GroupChembur Marathi Madhyamik Shaala;
Mahatma Junior College
Koli Dance;
Bollywood Dance Sultan

College Category
1st Prize SoloMSASMallakhamb
2nd Prize SoloPillai HOC Polytechnic College;
Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science
Pakhawaj Instrumental;
Fusion Dance
1st Prize GroupPillai College of Arts, Commerce and ScienceBollywood Dance
2nd Prize GroupPillai HOC College of ArchitectureFlute and Guitar Instrumental

Each winner was awarded a trophy by the judges. The show ended on a happy note with the group picture of all the winners along with the judges and the Pillai family.

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