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Individuals, NGOs or corporations can contribute to the mission of Mahatma Education Society by donating or sponsoring numerous scholarships, projects and activities that are conducted through the society. MES is a non-profit charitable organization under article 19(1)c of the Indian constitution and all donations to MES are tax deductible as per the income tax act of 1960. All donations can be made under the specific categories given below.


MES administers a number of need-based scholarships to meritorious students admitted to its various institutes. Scholarships can range from a minimum Rs. 25,000/- upto Rs. 2,00,000/- per academic year which will be used to pay academic fees, books and stationary and if applicable hostel fees. Eligibility criteria can be set by the sponsoring entity and must be specified clearly before the scholarship is given.

Student Festivals and Events

All MES institutes conduct their own interschool and intercollegiate cultural activities and festivals. Interested parties can sponsor specific institute festivals or events. The individual institutes determine specific funding amounts for sponsorships.

Faculty Development Programs

All MES institutions conduct Faculty Development Programs to enhance and improve their teaching and faculty. These programs range from seminars conducted by luminaries from industry or academia, workshops conducted in collaboration with other institutes, organizing faculty conferences on teaching and research etc.


MES conducts joint programs with the Sports Authority of India as well as many other organizations to develop athletic talent in youth. MES has state of the art facilities for football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, swimming and many others. All contribution to sports go towards purchase / upgradation of equipment and maintenance of facilities.

Student Projects / Clubs / Activities

All MES students participate in numerous clubs, activities and projects in its numerous institutions. These can be either cultural, academic or sports related activities.

Faculty Salary Endowments

Faculty salary endowments are used to pay the salary of specific faculty members who are engaged in teaching and research at one of the institutes of MES. These grants must be setup as perpetual grants that must be renewed annually.

Library Grants

MES institutes have some of the best library facilities in the Mumbai region. We continue to strive to improve both online and offline facilities for students, faculty and members of the community. Library grants given to MES institutes go towards improving library infrastructure and purchase of new books, journal and magazine subscriptions as well as updating our online infrastructure.


MES runs numerous research and teaching laboratories in its various institutions. These facilities are updated routinely to keep up with the latest trends in technology and research. Contribution to these can involve upgradation of existing laboratories as well as development of new ones.


MES routinely invests in its infrastructure and its institutes are regarded as having some of the best infrastructure and facilities in Navi Mumbai. MES is continuously developing new facilities that can create environments where research, academia and its social service mission can be fulfilled. This can include the physical infrastructure for classrooms, laboratories, new institutional buildings, new sports facilities and new research facilities.

General Unrestricted Support

Any contribution towards general institutional development that can be directed towards any MES institution or for general MES operational or development expenses.

Non-Monetary Gifts

All non-monetary contributions to MES are also tax deductible and goes far in enhancing the institutional presence of Mahatma Education Society. We accept the following types of gifts.

  1. Computer and Laboratory Equipment.
  2. Pieces of artwork, rare books and manuscripts or any other property that MES can use to advance its educational mission.
  3. Immovable assets such as land, farms, buildings, housing, flats etc.

Please note that MES does not take donations under any circumstances as a condition for admission or appointments to any of it institutes. MES also does not discriminate based on caste, race, religion or gender.