European Study Tour 2016

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Pillai Group of Institutions International Study Tour Program takes Engineering and Management students to Europe

Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain: 12th – 23rd June, 2016

A group of students from MES degree colleges of Management and Mechanical, Automobiles and Electronics Engineering travelled to Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain in June 2016. The twenty seven students were accompanied by Dr. R. I. K. Moorthy, Principal, PCE., Ms. Nivedita Shreyans, PRO, MES., Mr. Padmakshan P, Head of Sports Department, MES and Ms. Swati Ghosh, Head of Placement Cell, PiMSR, MES.

The European Study Tour travelled across four European countries for eleven days visiting production lines and manufacturing process of numerous prolific companies as well stopping off at European tourist destination highlights.

The first destination of the trip was Modena and Bologna in Italy. Students had the opportunity to experience first hand the workshops and factories of some of the most expensive and well designed cars in the world. Students were offered a comprehensive view of ongoing company technical developments from automobile manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini and the Ducati all of which are situated in Modena and Bologna, Italy. Many decades of craftsmanship from company experts has created the first Ferrari mild hybrid model LaFerrari which offers optimum Ferrari performance while cutting fuel consumption to become 40% lower than all other supercars currently in the Ferrari range. Students were then able to visit the Ducati Motorcycle production facility to observe the step by step process of the production line.

Travelling further to Strambino, Turin, the group visited the System Elettronica factory to stand alongside the operators of the entire manufacturing and testing production line of award-winning Arduinos circuit board systems. As the group learned from the visit, Arduinos is the system of microcontrollers currently causing a revolution in manufacturing and pioneering the concept of openssource hardware in the electronics industry. The students could follow the entire production and testing process which starts from sheets of copper which are then altered and perfected until blue and white: the defining trademark of Arduinos of System Elettronica. All electrical components are mounted by pick and place machines which were observed by the students before each product is finished by hand, tested and then packaged for export.

The group then travelled to stunning Geneva, Switzerland for a guided tour of the Palais des Nations which is the headquarters of the United Nations. Highlights of this inspiring experience included the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room which was designed by the famous artist Miquel Barcelo and The Council Chamber where the influential political discussions of European history took place.

The Broken Chair, a monumental sculpture in wood by the Swiss artist Daniel Berset, constructed by the carpenter Louis Geneve left a deep impression in the minds of the students. The very large structure can be seen in the centre of Geneva. It symbolises opposition to land-mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder of the evil of war to politicians of the United Nations and others visitors.

The group moved onto France where they began at Aiguille du Midi which is famous for Europe’s highest cable car. From the vantage point of the cable car, the group could see incredible views of Mont-Blanc which forms part of the Alps mountain range. The next destination of Tolouse where students were given invaluable insight into the enthralling world of aeronautics through a guided tour of Airbus headquarters as led by Mr. Francis Meyselles International Director, Airbus Asia Pacific. The entire production line of Airbus could be observed which are usually inaccessible to general visitors unlike our lucky Pillai group!

The final destination of the trip came down to Barcelona in Spain. As the city is most famous for its football club, the group visited Camp Nou Playing Grounds and the Official Barcelona Museum before stopping by the Estrella Damm beer factory for a tour of the elaborate technical facilities and complex business management being used there.

The International Exchange Program 2016 came to completion that year after a final tour of the Formula One Circuit Catalunya. The official explained to students event management strategies used by the Formula One organisation at the climactic ‘The Day’ event. The group was taken to various strategic locations on the track including the commentary room, the control room, the media room, the winner’s podium before students were able to watch an intense high speed motorcycle qualifying race which was an unforgettable experience.

While everyone on the group thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the tour was highly rewarding academically. The experience was truly a perfect combination of fun sightseeing and also an amazing opportunity to gain practical knowledge whilst adventuring across Europe. The whole tour was highly rewarding academically and intellectually whilst also being a lot of fun with many great sightseeing stops included. It was a great combination of a practical knowledge based study tour and the unforgettable experience of travelling across Europe.

Thank you to the all participating staff and students and thank you to all those who helped organise and make this trip such a success.

Pillai Group of Institutions is looking forward to many successful European Study Tours!

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