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News 2019-20

Excerpts : Case study

Seven interviews later, a spot in the fast lane. By the age of 26, Shruti Pal has more international experience under her belt than many workers twice her age.

After studying her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in her home country of India, she moved to Melbourne to take her masters, including a three-month internship in Germany. read more

Anita Gupta becomes a celebrity
Anita Gupta on LinkedIn: “After more than 3 years at Uber, on Friday, I moved on.”

Our alumna *Anita Gupta* becomes a celebrity overnight with 17k+ likes and 700+ comments on her journey at *Uber* she’s moved on recently. Crazy to achieve this on LinkedIn. read more

News 2018-19

Alegria – The Festival of Joy

5th – 9th February, 2019

News 2017-18

Talentmania 2017

6th, 7th & 10th January, 2018

Talk on Corporate Governance

14th September, 2017

News 2016-17

Alegria – The Festival of Joy

7rd February, 2017 –
11th February, 2017

Uber Rang 2017

21st January, 2017

Community Service Day 2017

21st January, 2017

Pen Mini Marathon

18th December, 2016

Teachers’ Day Celebration
Rasayani Campus

3rd September, 2016

European Study Tour 2016

12th June, 2016 –
23rd June, 2016

News 2015-16

News 2014-15

National Level Sports and Aerobics Competition

4th February, 2015 –
8th February, 2015

Alegria – The Festival of Joy

3rd February, 2015 –
7th February, 2015

Rahul Rathod hits the Silver Medal in Boxing for PHCASC

20th December, 2014 –
26th December, 2014

Seminar on Cyber Security

17th December, 2014

Mutations 2014 – Mindscape: The Festival of Ideas

12th December, 2014 –
14th December, 2014